Using schema for the use of flags

There are countries, for use on land and at sea several
Flags have.
In many books and other publications, but is often only the
Listed national flag on land with no indication that there is a
separate flag for the voyage there.
Therefore, for the proper use of flags has been
developed the following scheme:

The fields mean:

on land

on sea

national and

Schema 1a



Schema 2a

BF = Civil flag, national flag and for private use
HF = merchant flag, national flag for navigation
DF = service flag, flag for customs, police and other authorities
CF = war flag, coat of arms for military and naval

More extensive books and publications, which also usually well
based on a scientific basis, using this scheme.
There are inserted then only points in the appropriate field.

As the following examples is the use of Scheme, together with
the ratio of height to length next to the image of the flag.

Schema 3a

In this case, that means for the German flag:
She has a format in the ratio 3: 5 and is the National
and merchant flag on land and on sea.

More examples:



Schema 4a

In this catalog is, however, on this scheme
omitted, because it are only flags
for the ship's models, ie, flags at sea.


Schema 5a
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